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1601 Wilhelm A Bottcher was the third child of Wilhelm and Wilhelmina Bottcher (n. Dahn). He was born on 20th November 1885 in Prussia Germany. He was One year and ( months old when the family arrived in Brisbane, Qld, Australia.

Sometime before he married in 1907 he changed his name William Butcher. He Married Ellen Brooks on 2nd November 1907 at the Methodist Church, St Peters, New South Wales, Australia.

William and Ellen had four children Frederick William, Vera Ellen, Dulcie Mary and Hazel Edna.

The family were living at 223 Denison St Dulwich Hill when their six year old Daughter Vera, died of Acute Appendicitis and peritonitis on the 7th December 1917.

For a short period of time William worked at the Brick Works. On leaving there, he was employed by the Water board for the next 50 years. He was employed mainly doing underground construction work.

William suffering from lung disease for 20 years and a heart condition for a year and on 7th of September 1962, he died.

Family and Friends farewelled him at the Rookwood Crematorium. 
B÷ttcher, Wilhelm August Christian (I2437)
1602 Wilhelm and Wilhelmina children have three variations of surnames.

The first variation is B÷ttcher

All the children born in Prussia have this surname.

The Second variation is Burcher,

This came about because the pronunciation of B÷ttcher is Bur-cher. I can only assume when the midwife asked their surname she spelled it as it sounded and we have Burcher.

Third variation is Butcher

I can only assume that once again the midwife spelled the surname as it sounded but her handwriting was bad and it was transcribed into the records at Butcher instead of Burcher
B÷ttcher, Wilhelm August Christian (I2437)
1603 Wilhelm August Christian Bottcher was born in December 1860 Prenzlou, Kleinow Province, Brandenburg State, Prussia. His father was Christian Bottcher who was a boilermaker and his mother was Christina (or Freda) Reibow. He married Wilhelmina Louise Christine Dahn on the 18th Nov 1881 in Blankenburg, near Berlin,in Brandenburg, Prussia.
B÷ttcher, Wilhelm August Christian (I2433)
1604 Wilhelmina (Minnie) Augusta Bottcher is the eighth child of Wilhelm and Wilhelmina Bottcher (n. Dahn). She was born on 26th November 1894 at 1 Park St Camperdown, New South Wales.
At the age of 20 she married James William Edward McCauley, son of Thomas McCauley and Louise Matthews. They were married on 10th October 1914 at the Methodist Church, Glebe, New South Wales. Minnie lived in Glebe, working as a machinist in the shoe industry during this period.
In 1916 Minnie's husband, James McCauley, at the age of 23yrs joined the Army. At this time they had two children James W Thomas McCauley and Beryl Lorraine McCauley and were living with James's parents at 57 Gladstone St Enmore.
At the end of World War I and only a few days after Armistice Day Minnie lost her husband. He died on the 19 November 1918 in France of Broncho-Pneumonia.
Five years later, on 25th August 1923, Minnie remarried at the age of 27yrs. She married Robert Houston at the Methodist Church at Stanmore, New South Wales. Her Children, James was 8yrs and Beryle was 7yrs. Their witnesses were Minnie's brother Rudolph and Nils Isaksen. Nils and Robert were friends since about 1921 and worked together on various jobs.
Minnie and Robert moved to 429 Rocky Point Rd, Sans Souci and in 1924 they had a daughter Jean Rita Houston.
In the years that followed, when the children were young Minnie made their clothing. Here interests were crocheting and cooking.
During the depression years, Minnie worked in her trade as a shoe maker working at McMurtrie's at Redfern, making the uppers. During the depression years, because women s wages were less, women were working doing what had previously been men's work. Whilst Rita was at work, her younger sister Rita looked after Jean. They were always very close friends.
Minnie and Bob had a Piano at Rocky Point Rd and occasionally they would have musical nights. Uncle Rudi sang, Jimmie McCauley played the saxophone, Bob Houston played the piano and one of their friends played the violin. There were many memorable New Years Eve Parties at Bob & Minnie's place.
At the age of 70, whilst staying with her sister Rita at 45 Toyer Ave Sans Souci, Minnie died on 15th December 1964.
B÷ttcher, Wilhelmina Augusta (I2441)
1605 William and Beatrice were divorced, date unknown. Family F0738
1606 William Arthur Duffield's date of death inscribed on the headstone is incorrect, both the cemetery records and the official state record have the date of death in 1970 not 1971. Duffield, William Arthur (I11577)
1607 William attended a Bible College in North Adelaide and wanted to be a missionary and it was at a missionary meeting in Adelaide that he met Eva, who also wanted to be a missionary; however, her father would not agree to it so poor Will was doomed to be a farmer, although his children all say he was no farmer as he spent so much time reading and studying the Bible and coming to the city for missionary meetings. Will and Eva only had a few years together.
When he was first Married Will worked on the Redpath's farm at Hoyleton, South Australia; then he moved further down the road and built a house on the farm which he called "Belair Farm". In February of 1923 he moved to Lameroo. Will married Ethel and they moved to the Coorong where Will ran cattle, and then to Halidon in 1925. About 1930 Will, Ethel, Clarence and Allan moved to a property at Naturi (just out of Tailem Bend). As this did not do any better than his other properties, he moved to Tailem Bend and worked for the Railways delivering wood and parcels with a horse and jinker. It was while he was delivering wood that he met Thelma and told her about his eligible son. She was not interested but he was persistent and suggested Arthur come to chop wood. So began a 46 year partnership. Will became a Seventh Day Adventist in his later years and attended church at Murray Bridge, South Australia. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Tucker, William Edmond (I2466)
1608 William Charles Griffith died 29 June 1946 and was buried 01 July 1946 at Rookwood catholic Cemetery & Crematorium. His grave is located in Mortuary 1, Area G, Grave 756, he shares the grave with his mother Mary Griffiths (n. Bryant). Griffiths, William Charles (I7087)
1609 William died on his farm at Hoyleton, South Australia, Australia. Tucker, William (I1201)
1610 William George Bull was buried at the Rookwood General Cemetery, Area Zone A, Section Presbyterian 05F, Grave Number 1311. Bull, William George (I12257)
1611 William Herbert Potts, Known as "Herb", was the first child of John William Potts and Harriett Milton. He was born on the 8th August 1874 at "Havilah" Station, near Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia. He grew up in this district.
At the age of 12 he began work at "Havilah" Station and eventually became the head Groom. His duties included looking after the horses and when required, driving the family carriage.
At the age of 19, He married Clara Ellen Smith, in 1894 at Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia. 
Potts, William Herbert (I0029)
1612 William Hunter Eatch is buried in Rookwood Anglican Cemetery in AREA AN, Section H, Number 0003965

Eatch, William Hunter (I0073)
1613 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Germon, W.B. (I4203)
1614 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Johanson, W.L. (I9258)
1615 William passed away at his home 39 Renwick Street, Redfern, New South Wales. Pracy, William Alfred (I11072)
1616 William Paterson died at his late residence, 18 Glover Street, Albert park, Victoria, Australia. Paterson, William (I7443)
1617 William stated on his application for the AIF that he had been a hairdresser for 3 years. Maxwell, William (I12022)
1618 William was laid to rest on 23 December 1975 at the Eastern Suburbs memorial park Cemetery, Matraville New South Wales. His grave is located at A33 - Anglican FM 33 - Grave 30. He was 72 years old at the time of his death. Kerim, William George (I11210)
1619 William was the third child to die, presumably during an epidemic. It was just before his fourth birthday. Ten months later another son was born and was also named William, no doubt in memory of this William. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) Tucker, William (I0199)
1620 William's birth details were obtained from South Australian Births 1842-1906 book 212, page 255, district code Cla. Hawkins, William John (I2477)
1621 William's funeral departed his late residence , 77 Kellick St Waterloo on Thursday 28 may 1925 at 12:45 for the Church of England Cemetery Rookwood. Undertaker was Joseph Medcalf of 172 Redfern St Redfern. Pracy, Thomas Richard (I11069)
1622 Williams Parents are Alexander Paterson and Jean Paterson (n. Paterson). They were married on 03 Feb 1798 at Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland. (see Scotland Marriages 1561-1910) Paterson, William (I7443)
1623 Willoughby died at the residence of daughter, Eynesbury, Edgecliff, New South Wales, Australia. Pudsey-Dawson, Willoughby (I9170)
1624 Wilma Rose Neal is the 5th child of George & Joyce Neal (n.Cochrane). She was born in 1941 at the crown St Womens Hospital Sydney New South Wales. She married Allan Honey on 20th February 1960 in Nowra New South Wales. They had Twins Linda and Brenda and later another daughter Suzanne. They moved from Granville New south Wales to Queensland about 1976. Wilma had a triple bypass heart surgery in 1993. Neal, Wilma Rose (I6139)
1625 Wilma was a premature baby and weighed only 4lb at birth. Neal, Wilma Rose (I6139)
1626 Wilson Street Taringa was renamed to Whitmore Street on 13th December 1938. This was done by the Brisbane City Council to 126 Streets throughout Brisbane to reduce confusion over the duplication of Street Names through the city.

Hilda's house can be found under 101 Whitmore Street, Taringa, Queensland, Australia 
Mountcastle, Marion Hilda (I7980)
1627 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Griffiths, W.E. (I11490)
1628 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Sulley, W.O.C. (I3378)
1629 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Tiller, T.J. (I1284)
1630 Woodlands is near Balaklava, South Australia, Australia. Tiller, Stanley Robert (I0371)
1631 Worked at sister's orphanage Drowned in Swan River. Duffield, Lucy Sarah (I0094)
1632 Worked Seymour Guest House Victor Harbour. Not Married. Tiller, Irene May (I0295)
1633 Worked Seymour Guest House Victor Harbour. Not married. Buried same plot as Mary Jane and James MacCauley Smith. Tiller, Emily Rose (I0296)
1634 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Pope, C.E. (I3102)
1635 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Mercer, Z.J. (I5790)

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