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201 Birth details obtained from South Australian Births 1842-1906 Book 756 Page 474 District Code Gil.
Curt was a very caring, sensitive person with a great sense of humour. He did funny things like painting one of his sister's cats, cutting the cat's whiskers off to upset her, used to ask his sister to fetch apples from the tree on the hill at the farm and always played tricks. He threatened to shear his niece when he was shearing sheep and used to pretend to give people presents but it was a mouse or beetle or something awful.
He always tried to see good in people. He spent time with his sister at Seaton, when a barley husk got caught in his eye one year while harvesting. It caused lots of trouble and required many episodes of treatment and would heal and then flare up again for many years.
He was a freemason lodge member and a member of the Church of Christ, Balaklava from Sunday School onwards. He went to Sydney for the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. His normal greeting was "How are you brother?"
They used to shop in Bordertown on Saturday mornings. When they paid cash for the groceries they were often given a large bag of sweets (one or two pounds). When they bought a dozen buns they got an extra on free (a baker's dozen). They ate lunch there and stayed in winter to see the football match.

Tucker - Murch

On September 27th at the Bordertown church of Christ the marriage was celebrated of Hazel Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. Murch of Bordertown and Edwin G (Curt) Tucker son of Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Tucker of Balaklava. Pastor Russell Kindly officiated. The Bride, who was given away by her father, was gowned in white needle-run lace over satin, spray of slipper orchids which was fastened by the bridegroom's gift of a diamond true lovers' brooch, that merged into a fan-shaped train. The wedding veil was tulle, and was arrayed with a cluster of Hyacinth. She carried a sheath of white flowers and the wedding ring was made from the wedding ring of the bridegroom's mother. The brides maids, Misses Edna Tucker (bridegroom's sister), Neola Murch (bride's sister) and Margaret Buchan were frocked alike in blue marquisite taffeta. The bodices were pin-tucked and the pointed waistline studded with sequins. A large bow of pink which was studded with sequins was worn on the hair, and they carried bouquets in shades of blue and pink. Heather Innes was flower girl in an ankle length frock of blue georgette. Mr. M.J. Tucker (cousin was best man. A reception and breakfast was held in the Masonic Hall. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Tucker, Edward George Curtis (I2497)
202 Birth details obtained from South Australian Births 1842-1906, Book 703, Page 363 District Code UpW.
Wilfred was thrown from a horse and killed. his father's bull had escaped and Wilfred hopped on a horse to go and find it. It was dusk, and neither he nor his horse saw the single strand of barbed wire marking the neighbour's boundary. the horse tripped and Wilfred was thrown, breaking his neck, killing him outright. It took his parents a long time to get over his death. he apparently had a lovely singing voice, was a happy, busy boy and was dearly loved and missed. (the Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Tucker, Wilfred Robert John (I2498)
203 Birth details obtained from South Australian Births Registrations 1907 to 1928 Book 101A Page 522 District code Ade.

Donald attended Rose Park Primary School and King's College. He did war service in the Royal Australian Air Force from 8/11/1941 to 13/12/1945. He was Flight Lieutenant in the Coastal Command with the Wellington Bombers and served in England, Ireland, Scotland, the Middle East and the Indian Ocean. He was a Legatee of the Legacy Club of Adelaide. His hobbies were carpentry and cabinet-making and has built a sailing boat and caravan. He also enjoyed fishing. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Adcock, Donald Walter (I2491)
204 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2525)
205 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2520)
206 Birth details obtained from South Australian Births Registrations 1907 to 1928 Book 821 Page 400 District Code Gil.
Edna used to ride her pony Queenie to school at Woodlands, Watchman and Balaklava. She learned the piano form Mrs Finlayson and E. Curtis (cousin). She used to play for all the dances, suppers and concerts in the district. She used to accompany Brian Schmidt (Piano teacher) who played violin. She also played duets with her cousin, Esther Curtis and her friend Ina Finlayson. She was the pianist for Barbara Mc Arthur's dances and dance classes. She ran stalls and made items for fund raisers for Barbara McArthur. She loved cats. He nickname at school was "Magpie" (because she was always talking) Her nicknames when she was training were "Tuck" and "Matches" because of her skinny legs. Her Victorian friends called her "Ted"
She was a double certificated registered nurse and trained midwife. She did not start nursing until she was 27 years old because she had to help on the farm, working hard like a man. Edna started training a Balaklava in 1935 and after two years transferred to The Royal Adelaide Hospital in 1939. From there she did midwifery training at the Queen's Home (later named the Queen Victoria Hospital) 1939-41. She then did private nursing at Rowan Private Hospital, Magill, South Australia, then returned to Balaklava helping Dr Keith McEwin with private cases.
She lived with her mother for 6.5 years after her marriage as her husband was in the Army. She was a warm, Kind, generous person and very diplomatic and understanding. She helped many friends, acquaintances and relatives in so many ways. She also had a great sense of humour. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Tucker, Edna Mary May (I2496)
207 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2524)
208 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2522)
209 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2494)
210 Birth details obtained from South Australian Births Registrations 1907 to 1928 Book 967 page 483 district code Gil Redpath, John Henry (I2523)
211 Birth details obtained from South Australian Births Registrations 1907 to 1938 Book 806 page 456 District code Ade.
Mervyn Worked for Perry Engineering Company (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Furniss, John Edward Mervyn (I2493)
212 Birth details of Williams Birth obtained from South Australia Births 1842-1906, book 290 page 427 district code Cla.
Note: father is William Clements Hawkins Mother Jane Tucker. 
Hawkins, William James (I2478)
213 Birth details record name as William John Tiller, but appears to have gone by the name John William Tiller. Fathers christian name is also William. Tiller, William John (I0279)
214 Birth details record, District Encounter Bay reference book 61 page 569 Tiller, Charles Stephen (I0287)
215 Birth details recorded book 271 page 376.
Ethel attended Cavanaghville School. At an early age, Ethel began an interest and involvement in community and church work, which was to be maintained throughout her life. As a child, she walked many kilometres throughout the Watchman district with her sister Maud, collecting money to buy an organ for the Watchman Plains Church. She later played the organ for services in the church.
After their marriage, Ethel and James lived at "Pine View" where their three children wer born. All their lives, Ethel and James were active in the community - Ethel maintaining active participation in the Red Cross, Country Women's Association, Methodist Ladies' Guild and the Watchman Hall Committee. During her lifetime she only missed one Balaklava Show. James represented Watchman Ward on the Balaklava District Council (for 28 years including a period as Chairman), was a life member of the Agricultural Bureau, and a President of the Balaklava Show Society. This deep involvement in community affairs has been continued by their children, Ethel maintained close links with all her relatives, providing a home for her sister Eliza and brother John, after the death of their father.
Ethel and James celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary in 1964, with a gathering of the family and friends at the Watchman Hall. After James' death, Ethel lived with her daughter Ethel (Ettie), She died in her 91st year and is buried with James. (The Tucker Family in Australia,1992) 
Veitch, Ethel (I1192)
216 Birth details recorded District Adelaide reference book 60 page 367.
Richard was buried on 20/10/1937 at the Mallala Cemetery and Rev. H. C. Hill officiated at the funeral ceremony.

Richard was born at Salisbury in his parents' home and at a young age went with them to live at Grace Plains. His schooling at Grace Plains was rather limited as Richard was required to stay home to mind the sheep, as fences were few on the property. One shilling per week was the charge for each child attending school. A Mr Adams was the school master and during the winter months he conducted night classes for young adults, giving instruction in reading, writing and arithmetic. As a child, Richard slept in the box of the old-fashioned stripper.
Some land was acquired at Kybunga by his father and they travelled with horses and implements to farm this property but the project was abandoned after a time.
A story often told by Richard occurred in his youth at Grace Plains. At a party held in someone's barn, possibly on New Year's Eve, several of the local lads decided to have fun. At a convenient interval they adjourned out of doors to where the vehicles and horses were situated. Here they quickly proceeded to change the wheels. Next morning in the light of day various people discovered they had different coloured wheels on their cart, buggy or sulky; maybe two red wheels with two green ones, or one rusty dirty wheel with one shiny new varnished one. They really had fun. The end of the story is forgotten; whether the culprits were found out, or whether they confessed to the trick, unfortunately is not known.
After marriage Richard and Eliza settled on a farm, at Grace Plains, belonging to a Mr A March (an uncle) for rental of approximately 25 pound per year. Times were difficult before the days of fertilizers and even the small rental was hard to find. There was a well on the property situated in the Stockyard creek and during dry periods this was extensively used by folk living nearby. At times it ran dry and then it was necessary to wait a few hours for the water to refill the well, so the bucket could be used. During this period camel trains were still travelling northward with Afghan attendants. Two children were born there.
About March 1897 the family moved to Inkerman on the Port Wakefield Road for several years. Richard and Eliza entered into the life of the small church which reopened for worship. There was timber on the property and this provided a better livelihood than their wheat farming. Wood was cut and carted to Part Lorne and loaded on the ketch 'Annie Watt'. Richard served for a term on the Port Wakefield Council. Shopping was done at either Port Wakefield or the Long Plains Store kept by the late C.W. Burnard. Either was a long drive with horse and cart. Another son was born while they lived at Inkerman.
They moved in approximately 1902 to a farm at Owen. As there was no church building in the town. Sunday Services were held either in the Council Chamber or at the Institute. Eliza at times supplied music on the piano. They worked hard for a building. Richard helping to cart stone for the Church. Their dream eventually came true and the Methodist Church became a reality. Richard was an original Trustee. Another son was born here.
In 1911 a farm property at Mallala was purchased for 12 pounds per acre from the late W. Vawser. The term of payment was 15 years and it took that long to pay. The drought of 1914 almost meant ruin; horses were sent away for agistment, several cows died and without the earnings of the eldest son Claud, whose money came home to supply daily needs, life would have been almost unbearable. Good years followed and this helped establish security. The family attended the Mallala Methodist Church and joined in all celebrations. Richard became a Trustee and Steward, positions he held until his death. Several ministers complemented him on his listening ability; a not of the head meant approval and likewise a sideways movement of the head meant disapproval. Another daughter was born here.
Richard loved cricket and in his younger years played in country teams and also in a team consisting of cousins known as the Tiller Cricket Team.
He died suddenly while assisting his son Sid with hay cutting operations. By this time Richard and Eliza had retired to a home in Mallala with their daughter Joyce. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Tiller, Richard (I0638)
217 Birth details recorded reference book 101 page 188.
Charles was born in Salisbury and died in the same year at Salisbury. He is buried in the Church of England Cemetery Salisbury South Australia. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Tiller, Charles (I0640)
218 Birth details recorded reference book 118 page 344.
Mary would have attended school in the Watchman Church, and later at Cavanagville. She lived at home with her parents until her marriage.
After her marriage, Mary and Fred made Thier home in Baker Street, Balaklava where Fred worked in Lucas' shop. In 1918 they moved to Port road, Kadina where they operated a grocery business. Later they moved to the corner of Port road and Olive Parade, still carrying on the grocery trade.
Keven French, a grandson of Mary and Fred, now lives in a home built on the site of this store.
Fred was buried at Kadina. Mary continued living at the store, until her last few years, which were spent with her daughter Edith, on the Brokenshire farm near Kadina. Mary was buried at Kadina with er husband, Her son Frank carried on the family's business in Kadina. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Veitch, Mary (I1196)
219 Birth Details recorded reference book 149 page 485.
Rosanna attended school at the Watchman Church and later at Cavanaghville.
In about 1896, she travelled to Western Australia with her sister Eliza, and there met Henry. They were married in Perth and returned by Cobb and Co Coach to Mount Magnet, a mining town on the Murchinson Goldfields.
From Mount Magnet, the whole family moved to Northam, then Narrogin, before transferring back to Northam where Henry was appointed to the Inspection Branch. Then followed successive appointments as District Inspector to Coolgardie, Perth, Geraldton and Narrogin, and was finally appointed Chief Inspector, the position from which he retired in 1935. Rosanna and her family accompanied Henry to the first five appointments, after which they remained in Perth for the children's education. From 1928, Rosanna and Henry and their eldest daughter Ethel resided at Mount Lawley, a suburb of Perth.
In earlier years both Rosanna and Henry Took an Active part in Church activities and for a time, Rosanna was a keen croquet player.
Living far from other Veitch relatives made visiting difficult, however, Rosanna and Henry, with their children, made the journey in 1911. Their last visit east was in 1935 following Henry's retirement. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Veitch, Rosanna (I1199)
220 Birth Details recorded reference book 186 page 314.
Edith attended Cavanaghville School at Watchman, After leaving school, she worked as a milliner for Miss Saint in Balaklava until her marriage.
Initially Edith and William farmed at Spring Gully, Kybunga, before purchasing land adjoining the original homestead property of William's late father.
All their lives, Edith and William were members and strong supporters of the Methodist Church, William being a Trustee of the church at Kybunga. He was also a Councillor for the Blyth District Council.
Upon retirement, Edith and William moved to Clare. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Veitch, Edith (I1190)
221 Birth details recorded reference book 206 page 303.
Charles was a keen cricketer and organized a Country Carnival and local matches. he played in a team of cousins called the "Tiller Cricket Team". As well as mixed farming he was very interested in sheep and buying and selling profitably. He lived all his life on the family property pioneered by his father Richard Tiller at Grace Plains. He was a Trustee of the Grace Plains Methodist Church and in spite of loss of hearing, it was his pleasure and duty to attend the services each Sunday. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Tiller, Charles Fredrick (I0644)
222 Birth details recorded reference book 334 page 3.
Death Details. William aged 6 days of Watchman Plains died 22nd August 1884 at Watchman Plains son of Robert Veitch, District Gilbert reference book 141 page 47. 
Veitch, William (I1200)
223 Birth details recorded reference book 359 page 264. Maud and William were cousins.
From an early age Maud was involved in community work. With her friend Florence Cavanagh and sister Ethel she walked around the Watchman district collecting Money toward the organ for the church.
Maud lived at home until her marriage to Charlton. After their marriage, Maud and Charlton farmed at Nantawarra, before moving to a property near Kadina in 1924. Maud was an active member of the Methodist Church Guild at Kadina. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Veitch, Maud (I1197)
224 Birth details recorded reference book 414 page 337.
Death details. Florence aged 3 days of stow died 7th April 1888, Hundred of Stow daughter of Robert Veitch, District Gilbert reference book 170 page 14. 
Veitch, Florence (I1193)
225 Birth details recorded reference book 445 page 247.
Myrtle lived at home with her parents until her marriage. During the first years of their married life, Myrtle and Herbert lived at Prospect. Then they moved to Jamestown where Herbert continued his trade as a stonemason. Many examples of his fine workmanship can still be seen there today - including the travel guide in the main street of Jamestown. A humorous event in Herbert's building career was related by his daughter:
"He was renovating one of the local (Jamestown) shops when a big flood went through the town, Dad went off to see the volume of water rushing down the creek close to the main street when all of a sudden - down came his wheelbarrow, sailing along the creek - complete with planks, tools etc from his work-site!"
Both Myrtle and Herbert were keen gardeners and did not travel much. They only travelled to Kadina, Kybunga and Watchman to visit other family members (usually by train). Myrtle always enjoyed maintaining contact with her family, whether by visits or by mail, and was especially proud of her Scottish heritage (sometimes to the dismay of her family who did not enjoy bagpipe music!) Later in life she became very hard of hearing. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Veitch, Myrtle (I1198)
226 Birth details recorded reference book 71 page 270 symbol "A" denoting (1) the registrar has included additional information on the birth record and/or (2) the Registrar has made an amendment to the information on the birth record.

John probably attended school at the Watchman Plains Church as the Cavanaghville school did not open until 1885.
All his life john worked on his father's property at Watchman, living in a stone room across the road from his parents. John was well known in the district, easily recognized on his grey horse 'Glen", According to one of his nephews, John had taken measures to ensure that unwelcome visitors did not enter his room during his absence by rigging a rifle inside the door, to fire if the door was opened incorrectly. This nephew, being a curious lad, accidentally tripped the trigger when exploring. The holes caused by the rifle are still evident today.
John made Many trips to Adelaide. he would ride his horse into Balaklava to catch the train and then "Glen" would return to Watchman alone after the train had departed.
John never married, and after his father moved to Kirkaldy, he lived with his Sister Ethel and her family where he died. he was buried with his parents at Balaklava. 
Veitch, John (I1195)
227 Birth details recorded reference book 90 page 12.
Eliza (known as Cis to her relatives and friends) probably attended school at Watchman. She never married, and during her life she travelled extensively. She went to Western Australia in the 1890s with her sister Rosanna, and later travelled to Scotland where she visited the family home at Penicuik. From this trip she brought back sprigs of heather for her family, some of which is still treasured today. Cis had her heather made into a brooch which she wore constantly.
Cis lived with many of her relatives, and took care of her father when he moved to Kiraldy. After his death, she spent time with different family members, especially with her sister Ethel and Husband at Watchman. She died in the Balaklava Hospital and was buried with her parents at Balaklava. 
Veitch, Eliza (I1191)
228 Birth details recorded, district Gilbert reference book 170 page 63.
Henry was probably born at Grace Plains (if not, then at Salisbury), in 1876. He died as a young man of 20 in 1896, presumably unmarried and without children. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Tiller, Henry Stephen (I0643)
229 Birth details recorded, District Gilbert reference book 258 page 494.
Henrietta was essentially a homemaker. She was very fond of the latest fashions in clothing and jewellery was a normal part of her dressing. She was a very good horsewoman and needleworker. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Tiller, Henrietta Grace Rosedew (I0645)
230 Birth details recorded, District Inman Valley reference book 29 page 652.

Eliza was a remarkable lady: she faced life as a young widow courageously. The loss of several young children must have been a fearful grief. When questioned about her attendance at church, a few days after her husband's funeral, she replied, "What better place to be, than in God's house of prayer?".
A very talented dressmaker, she set about supporting herself and the remaining children by her sewing, as well as maintaining the farm with the help of hired men. Her daughter Louisa, as she matured, helped greatly in these efforts. Her son Jack took over the running of the farm when he was old enough to do so. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Tiller, Eliza (I0636)
231 Birth details recorded, District Willunga reference book 6 page 255.
George received his schooling at Grace Plains. At first, he worked at home and on the farm at Kybunga, then as a young man and seeking to make his own way in life, he spent a short time mining at Broken Hill. However, a dose of lead dust forced him out of this life and back to the farm. After marriage he farmed at Owen for five years then moved to Brookton, Western Australia in the year 1902. Horses and some implements were shipped to Fremantle.
Crown land was taken up an as it was heavily timbered, much hard work had to be done; there were hardships too. The property was called "Boyagin Valley" after a huge rock in the valley named after an aborigine who lived in the area. An iron shed-like structure was erected, divided into two rooms. It was a few years before a proper home could be built. George mad mud bricks and used timber from the property in the construction of the house which still stands.
George was interested in the district, becoming a J.P. and Chairman of the Roads Board (District Council). Their children were educated at South Dale School, 4.5 miles away. They walked until a horse and spring cart was bought for their use.
Howard, the eldest son can remember his father sowing wheat by hand from a container suspended from the shoulders. The property was sold in 1917 for 25 shillings per acre. ($2.50). The family returned to South Australia. After a short period living in Adelaide and Working at various jobs, they obtained a farm at Hoyleton and resided there for six years. In 1924 they moved to Pinnaroo where land was purchased for 6 pound per acre ($12). His sons continued to farm the land when George and Margaret moved to Adelaide. At first the couple lived at Prospect and later at Ovingham. George worked at the munitions factory during WW II and later at Simpsons - White goods manufacturers. Their retirement was spent in Ovingham. 
Tiller, George (I0642)
232 Birth details, District Encounter Bay reference book 621 page 203. Tiller, Arthur George (I0283)
233 Birth details, place of birth not recorded, district Adelaide, reference book 4 page 12. Tiller, Sarah Jane (I0278)
234 Birth Jul/Aug/Sep Highworth 1838 Waite, Joseph (I10309)
235 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I7204)
236 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I7203)
237 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I10449)
238 Birth record obtained from South Australian Births Registrations 1907 to 1928, Boik 826 page 55 District Code Ade.


At Hoyleton Methodist Church on March 25, the wedding was solemnized by the Rev. C.T. Symons of Ivy May, 2nd daughter of Mr and Mrs E.H. Redpath, of Hill View, Woodlands to Kenneth Paul, 4th son of Mr and Mrs H.H. Overton, of Burnside. The Bride wore Magnolia satin with pearl and gold trimmings. A fully flared skirt formed a train. A halo of orange blossoms held the veil of embroidered magnolia tulle in position. She carried a shower bouquet of cream and pink flowers. Misses Thelma and Hilda Redpath (sisters of the bride) were frocked alike in ice blue taffets, the skirts of which featured the new very full length. Cyclamen velvet sashes and kilting completed the frocks. Each carried shower bouquets and wore flowers in their hair to tone. Miss Joan bakes (bride's Neice) was flower girl. She wore an ankle length frock of pink taffeta with tiny frills from the waist and carrying a posy of mixed flowers. Miss Alma Furniss, of Stirling (brides cousin) played the organ during the ceremony. Mr Milton Overton (bridegroom's brother) was best man. During the signing of the register Mrs F W Bakes of Watchman sang a solo. A reception followed at the home of the bride's mother, where 40 guests attended. The bride's travelling costume of smoke grey was worn with London tan accessories. Mr and Mrs K P Overton's future home will be at Auburn. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Redpath, Ivy May (I2521)
239 Birth record, District Encounter Bay reference book 16 page366 Tiller, Mary (I0282)
240 Birth record, District UPW reference book 159 page 348.
After their marriage they farmed at Woodlands and later moved to "Almond Villa", Kybunga. From there they moved to 'The Gums" also at Kybunga, where they stayed until 1944, when they retired into the township at Blyth. They were both strong supporters of the Methodist Church. Stanley was a keen sportsman, playing cricket and lawn bowls. ("The Tucker Family in Australia" 1992) 
Tiller, Stanley Hall (I0290)
241 Birth record, district Willunga reference book 12 page 260. Tiller, Richard Charles (I0281)
242 Birth record, District Willunga reference book 6 page 255. Tiller, George Kent (I0280)
243 Birth Record, District Yankalilla reference book 106 page 416.
None of the members of the family that we have been able to contact have any knowledge of this child. The only reference is in the Bicentennial Biographical Index in which the death date is 1973. However, we feel that there may be an error and perhaps this child died as an infant in 1873. This would explain why the rest of the family has not heard of him. Had he lived to the grand age of 101, we feel certain that the rest of the family would surely have heard of him. (The Tucker Family in Australia 1992) 
Tiller, Hurtle Fredrick (I0289)
244 Birth record, place of birth not recorded, district Adelaide, reference book 4 page 210. Tiller, William John (I0279)
245 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I10448)
246 Birth record: Marriage record; Death record: 1901 census: 42 Hawke St Portsea, aged 3 with parents and brother Wait, Lilian (I10404)
247 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F3293
248 Birth record: Vol 2b, Page 494, Portsmouth Marriage record: Vol 2b, Page 1348, Portsmouth Death record: May 1988, Portsmouth Wait, May Hilda (I10406)
249 Birth record: Vol 2b, Page 569, Portsmouth Marriage record: Death record: Hopkins, Joseph W (I10438)
250 Birth record: Vol 2b, Page 634, Portsmouth Marriage record: Vol 6d, Page 1126, Portsmouth Death record: Reg District Portsmouth, Dis Code 497/1B, Reg No B69A, Entry No 207 Hopkins, Norman Joseph (I10436)

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