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401 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Fischer, D.R. (I3924)
402 Death Certificate Registration number 1928/003716.
I found out that the family (Wilhelm, Wilhelmina with Mary 5y.John 3y,
William 1y. and Rudolph - infant) have arrived as "free nominees" on the
"Bullimba" ship on the 22nd of Aug. 1887.
Free nominees means, that somebody nominated them who were Australian
citizens already. Now there were "Bottchers" in Brisbane already by 1890,
but I could not link them so far. A prospective company could have been
nominating them as well, promising work- in that case the immigrants usually
had a kind of a contract to stay in the original state as they arrived in
for about 3 years. It would be good to find out who nominated them. 
B÷ttcher, Wilhelm August Christian (I2433)
403 Death details obtained from Digger - South Australian Deaths Registrations 1842 to 1915, Book 72 page 428. Edmund died at his residence at Hundred of Hall South Australia, Australia age 22yrs..
Birth details obtained from South Australian Births 1842-1906 Book 4 Page 253 District Code Ade.

Edmund was born at Inman Valley and attended the Inman Valley School and Bible Christian Sunday School. He must have worked on the farm from the time he left school and shifted with the rest of the family north when they left Inman Valley about 1874. He would have been 21. About a year later he died at home at Hundred of Hall in South Australia. His occupation is listed as farmer and the cause of death was "complex Fever". The informant was Ellen Amy Lines about whom nothing is known. The death certificate was signed on 10th April 1876 by William Rossi, District Registrar at Auburn. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Tucker, Edmund (I0205)
404 Death Details. Harold aged 4 months of Hundred of Stow died 2nd October 18887 at Hundred of Stow, son of Robert Veitch District Gilbert reference book 166 page 120. Veitch, Harold (I1194)
EVANS: on 21st June at Woodlands, Hoyleton, John Charles, dearly beloved only son of Harry and Eliza Evans, aged 32 years and 10 months. Result of accident. 
Evans, John Charles (I5287)
EVANS: loving memories of our son and brother, Roy, passed away Nov, 15th 1936. To be with us the same old way would be our dearest wish today - by his loving father and mother and sister Doris.
EVANS: On 15th November, 1936 at the Balaklava Memorial hospital Roy Henry dearly loved son of Henry and Eliza Evans of Woodlands, Aged 25.
EVANS - The friends of the late Mr Roy Henry Evans are respectfully informed that his remains will be removed from his late residence, Woodlands, on Monday November 16, at 2.30 p.m. for the Kybunga Cemetery. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992)
Evans, Roy Henry (I5286)
407 Death records show he died 7 days after his birth and died at his residence at Warnertown South Australia. Smith, Cleveland (I5170)
408 Death: Georg Sexstone 63yrs Devizes Jun qtr 1920 5a/91. Sexstone, George James (I0186)
409 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F0638
410 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Holman, D.J. (I4860)
411 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F0552
412 Decay (Of Nature)
Usually a euphemism for Old Age - Or, if the victim was not elderly it could mean - Premature senility - An undiagnosed fatal illness in someone who was expected to die young from a physical or mental handicap - The doctor was satisfied that the death was natural, but didn`t know the diagnosis and was confident that the registrar wouldn`t question it. 
Potts, Robert (I0116)
413 Deceased (place and date unknown at this time) Evans, Callum James (I0931)
414 Deceased twin brother of Edith French French, Norman (I4136)
415 Delia was buried Rookwood catholic Cemetery & Crematorium, 08 January 1921, Grave Mortuary 2, Area C, Grave 38, she shares the grave with, Delia E A Ridgway, George Ridgway and John A Ridgway. Ridgway, Delia Elizabeth Lorain (I12110)
416 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Tiller, D.M. (I1075)
417 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Mullan, D.M. (I4891)
418 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Tiller, D.A. (I0887)
419 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Wauchope, D.J. (I5267)
420 Described as tiny,dark with a small mouth and a tongue that was sharp and vigorous, established vegetable garden on Rottnest Island, Western Australia, Australia. Backshall, Eliza (I0086)
421 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Little, D.C. (I3501)
422 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Packer, D.B. (I3751)
423 Details of Arthurs Birth were obtained from the South Australian Births 1842-1906 book 125, Page 449, district code Yan.
Godfrey was a bank manager during the gold rush, working in a tent with a guard dog tied to the outside. he lived in Western Australia. In later years he moved to Tasmania and worked at the Hydro-Electric power station. About 1927-8 they bought a general store at Campania, Tasmania and a very big piece of land. George Stanbrook (Edith s father) lived with them until 1939 when he died. When Godfrey retired he passed the shop on to his daughter Miriam and her husband who sold it in 1955, but retained the land. Jean and Geoff have built on part of it and Godfrey sold the rest the year before he died. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Hawkins, Arthur Godfrey (I2470)
424 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F3422
425 Details of Clements birth were obtained from South Australian Births 1842 - 1906 book 83, Page 375, District Cod Yan.


As briefly noted in our last issue, the death of Mr C.F. Hawkins created a profound impression and a gloom throughout the Malle. Tragic in its suddenness the passing of a personality who carried the admiration and esteem of the whole community, and whose special attainments and culture were directed to the advancement of all interests and the betterment of social conditions, was regarded as one of the greatest blows yet experienced by the community. Duty to the people of the district in which he lived under the happiest associations, called him to Melbourne as a delegate of the Ngallo Branch to the Conference of the Farmers' Union. Passing through Adelaide on this journey and which at the time, beyond a heavy cold, Mr. Hawkins was in his usual good spirits, he attended the Conference on the morning and afternoon. Late the same night he was taken suddenly from which he never regained consciousness and passed away within an hour, the cause of death being Uremia. The deceased who was 47 years of age, was buried in the Brighton Cemetery (presumably Vic) on Thursday. Mr Jack Hawkins, a son, who was living in Melbourne, being the only member of his family present, time did not permit of Mrs Hawkins and her daughter, Miss Francie , being present.

The late Mr. Hawkins was an old resident of Warnertown, (S.A.) and was for some time a minister of the Methodist Church. A greater part of the intervening period he engaged in farming taking up a block in the parish of Ngallo, seven years ago,. Indifferent health necessitated a retirement from his work about 2 years ago when he accepted the position of teacher to the local school where he gained the respect of parents and the love of the children. Educational matters and research work of many interesting branches were followed later and the deep interest and thoroughness in botanical studies of the Mallee flora gained the attention and appreciation of the State authorities. A recent address at Pinaroo on the plants of the Mallee (which unfortunately was given under unfavourable weather conditions) testified to a wide knowledge of this subject and students' appreciation of systematically directing those studies to a definite purpose. It is perhaps not generally known that the late Mr. Hawkins has an extremely interesting collection of local weeds, the greater part of which he had identified and catalogued, and that during his investigations of plant life, he discovered new plants unknown to Australian flora. A lengthy list of plants, shrubs etc, including an interesting article appeared in these columns a few months back. All these and other scholastic studies were being continued up to the time of his death which cut short, what had every promise of a brighter and still more successful career in bigger spheres. It was probable that Mr Hawkins would have shortly taken up the mastership of a city or an important suburban school. As speaker and conversationalist the deceased was engaging and urbane, tolerant in his views but plain and honest in his convictions. To him human nature in its social and political aspect was an engrossing subject and his remarks or writings on this and many other topics always commanded the greatest respect. His facial pen and literary ability were responsible for many valuable contributions to the press, not the least was a brilliant address on "School and Character" before the Murrayville District Teachers Association held last March. Speaking of the lure of the City and in praise of the Country he said; "In nature study especially can this spirit be developed; children are made familiar with the names, habits and marks of the plants and flowers, and insects that daily surround them. The sympathetic teacher can also invest the whole subject with charm and romance, that there will be developed in the child a real love for the country and its dumb inhabitants. Thus there will be reared not only another lover of his country, but a lover of country life in that country. This is one of the best national assets a country can have."

Our columns have frequently been brightened in the days of adversity and since, by a robust and inspiring confidence of the Mallee Through contributions from the late Mr Hawkins. His outlook, when the clouds did not show the silver streak, was ever cheerful and his reasoning and deductions always sound and logical. He was conversant with the days of hard fighting, of physical and mental strain that engendered pessimism; but all through this great battle, which has now been happily ended, his words brought optimism to the local press - the smile of a "smile when everything went dead wrong" - was characteristic of a cheerful and inspiring nature. It is only echoing the true sentiments of the people on both sides of the Border to say that the community has suffered a heavy loss in the death of this esteemed resident and that heartfelt sympathy go with the wife and family in their sad bereavement. The feeling of the people of Ngallo was expressed by a resident who came intimately in contact with the deceased: "The news", said he, "came as a severe shock to us all. Nothing but good can be said about him: he was a true friend to the district, admired and respected by everyone and to the school children the loss will be severely felt."

DEATH NOTICE: On the 26th September, at the Residence of Mr R.D. Speed, Derrinall, 24 Lewisham Road, Windsor, Clement Friend Hawkins, the beloved husband of Minnie E Hawkins, of Pinnaroo, S.A. the loving father of Miss Francie and Mr Jack Hawkins, aged 47.

Friend matriculated from Melbourne University with Englis Honours, took an Arts and Divinity Course at Queens College (Melbourne University) and after a 7 year Divinity course was ordained at Wesley Church, Melbourne, Dr Fitchett (the well known author) delivering the charge. He was a keen college sportsman, holding triple colours at Wesley College in football, cricket and rowing. He also rowed in the first university eight at Queens College on the Yarra. He was trained as a state school teacher under Mr Wallace Clobb, B.A, (Sydney). For three years he was leader of the Zion City Movement in Adelaide. He entered Wesley College in 1889 when he was nearly 19. This was not uncommon in those days. Boys who wished to enter teaching or the ministry spent one or two years at church schools (the only secondary schools at the time) to qualify for matriculation. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Hawkins, Clement Friend (I2471)
426 Details of Eliza's birth were obtained from South Australian Births 1842-1906 book 103 Page 92, district code Yan.
Marriage details obtained from South Australian Marriages, Registrations 1842 - 1916 book 178 page 49 district code Cla. Robert was 25 yrs old and Eliza was 22yrs old when they were married.

Eliza, about three, moved with her parents and brothers Friend and Godfrey to the Hundred of Napperby when new leases of land were offered in 1874. (Also at this time Thomas H. Angel, William Smith and James Holman were among the names of families who took up land in the area. In 1875-6 when the railway was put through from Port Pirie to Gladstone, a new town, Warnertown, was surveyed and in 1877 town allottments were offered; the Post Office and store opened in 1878, The Education Department built a school for 40 pupils and a teacher's residence for 730 pounds in about 1878. Eliza, called "Sis" by her family, would have attended the Warnertown school from the opening day as she was by then 7 years old. On leaving school when would have been very helpful to her mother as there was a family of seven children. Eliza would have been at school at the same time as her future husband, Robert. They married when she was 22 years old and she would have been well skilled in home management, including gardening, milking cows, child-care and needlework. By the time the fifth child was born at home (Nelshaby), Eliza's health was failing,. She must have realized she was dying as she wrote a letter from Adelaide (maybe from hospital) to her daughter Effie (then aged 10) asking her to look after her brothers, especially 'Sonny', her pet name for her son Cyril. Eliza died at home (Nelshaby) aged 35. It was Crystal Brook Show Day and her son Leland (then aged about 8.5) had to ride a horse from home to Crystal Brook Show grounds to find the Hawkins family and inform them. Ethel told her daughter Joan Mebberson of the great grief the family suffered and the long time it took her (Ethel) to accept the great loss of her beloved "Sis" (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Hawkins, Eliza Rosanna (I2472)
427 Details of Emil's Birth wer obtained from South Australian Births 1842-1906 book274, Page 367, district code Cla. Hawkins, Emily Hazel (I2473)
428 Details of Ethel's birth wer obtained from South Australian Births 1842-1906, book 235, page200, district code Cla.
Marriage details obtained from South Australian Marriages, registrations 1842-1916 book 230 page 151 district code Cla. Andrew was 35yrs old and Ethel was 26 yrs old when they were married.
The life of Ethel and Andrew can be partly seen through the recollections of their daughter, Joan (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Hawkins, Ethel Laura (I2474)
429 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Mason, D.M. (I5791)
430 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Adcock, D.J. (I5483)
431 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Reid, D.F. (I0685)
432 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Johns, D.K. (I4646)
433 Dick was a twin to Thomas Charles Tiller. He attended Pinery School and Prince Alfred College. He worked on the farm until he enlisted in world War II as a gunner (SX22545). He did four years war service. On his return he married and farmed his own property at Pinery. He was interested in farm machinery and did mixed farming. He was a member of the Pinery Methodist Church and retired into a new home at Mallala. He suffered many health problems in his later years. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) Tiller, Melvin Richard (I1073)
434 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Potts, A.C. (I0110)
435 Died after 1891 Walster, Ann (I2313)
436 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Tuckey, D. (I1027)
437 Died at 24 Inglis Street, Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia (see death certificate transcription) Milton, Harriet (I6403)
438 Died at 4 months, at Hundred of Napperby Presumably buried in Babies' plot or family plot but not acknowledged on headstone at Warnertown Possibly buried at Napperby. Smith, Cleveland Henley (I5147)
439 Died at Birth Thomas, Elizabeth (I10668)
440 Died at home, 37 Henry Street, Merewether, New South Wales. Cause of death "Heart Attack" Paterson, George James (I2204)
441 Died died of sickness as a POW in Japan. McKenzie, Harold Eugine (I0143)
442 Died fighting a bush fire in neighbors property. Tiller, Allan Richard (I1080)
443 Died in a car Accident. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) Smart, Barry Robert (I4336)
444 Died in childhood, about age 6. Duffield, Pearl Annie Alice (I11871)
445 Died in sleep in a Home at Goulburn aged 48. Neal, Arthur (I6138)
446 Died of internal convulsion. Neal, Robert James (I6146)
447 Died of Yellow Fever Whilst serving in the Royal Navy in a Far East Station onboard ship. (information supplied by Beverly Harden) Hatelie, David William (I10729)
448 Died when she was 3yrs from meningitis . born approximately 1931 - 1933. Birthday 10th August. Living at 1 Chappel St Rochdale NSW when died. Tucker, Clara Ellen (I0009)
449 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F3785
450 Don was cremated at Mt Thompson Crematorium and his ashes were given to his daughter Julie Rose Tucker (n. Eatch) Eatch, Donald Campbell (I0065)

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