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51 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3918)
52 After Eric's apprenticeship he worked for his father and eventually took over the business. He became a master painter and house decorator. He was selected for South Australia in interstate schoolboys football carnival in Canberra from which he struck a life-long friendship with a son of the family with whom he was billeted during that carnival. At an early age he was invited to join the Norwood Football club and progressed through Junior and Senior Colts teams, both of which he was elected Captain, before selection to the former "B" Grade and then finally to the senior league side for which he played for ten years. During that period he was selected to join the State Squad to play Victoria. On retirement from the league side he became captain/coach of the "B" side for two years before retiring from playing when he then coached the colts sides and church football teams. He was a selector and interstate teams manager for South Australia Amateur League for many years and was still holding those positions at the time of his death.
He saw active service in the famed 2/48th battalion seeing service in Palestine, Syria, Egypt and North Africa (including El Alemain).
He was actively involved in the Masonic Lodge being a Past Worshipful Master of Torrens Valley Lodge and held other offices for many years. He was a member of the management committee of the Payneham Masonic Hall Trust, a Past Worshipful Master of United Service Mark Lodge, a Past First Principal of St. Peters Royal Arch Chapter, a Past Worshipful Commander of Emulation Royal Ark Mariners Lodge, a Past Most Wise Sovereign of Emulation Chapter of Rose Croix of Heredom and a foundation member of Payneham St. Aidan Chapter of Rose Croix of Heredom as well as Knight Templar degree. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Matthews, Eric Allan (I1013)
53 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4323)
54 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4324)
55 After Gladys died, he married Beulah Dutton Callaway, William Edmund Lane (I7758)
56 After the death of his mother, Stephen lived with his father at Stoney Creek. When his father died, Stephen purchased the property and lived there until 1920. He sold the property and moved to Mudge. He married, had twin girls and a boy. Stephen died in 1972, age 95 and is buried at Mudgee, New South Wales.
Smith, Stephen Francis (I0234)
57 After the divorce of his parents and the remarriage of his mother Fred's Surname was changed to Robinson (his mothers new married name) in 1906 Jackson, Frederick John Dettmer (I10726)
58 After their marriage, Ethel and James lived at "Pine View" where their three children wer born. All their lives, Ethel and James were active in the community - Ethel maintaining active participation in the Red Cross, Country Women's Association, Methodist Ladies' Guild and the Watchman Hall Committee. During her lifetime she only missed one Balaklava Show. James represented Watchman Ward on the Balaklava District Council (for 28 years including a period as Chairman), was a life member of the Agricultural Bureau, and a President of the Balaklava Show Society. This deep involvement in community affairs has been continued by their children, Ethel maintained close links with all her relatives, providing a home for her sister Eliza and brother John, after the death of their father.
Ethel and James celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary in 1964, with a gathering of the family and friends at the Watchman Hall. After James' death, Ethel lived with her daughter Ethel (Ettie), She died in her 91st year and is buried with James. (The Tucker Family in Australia,1992) 
Spillane, James (I4398)
59 After their marriage, Harry joined the Railways and was posted to Tailem Bend. The couple lived there all of their married life, in a Railways house provided for employees. There were no children. Harry loved to fish in the Murray River, and could be seen in his little boat, fishing as often as time would allow. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) Gray, Harold William (I3537)
60 Aged 1.5 Hours Willingham, Lindsay Gordon (I5600)
61 aged 39 Webber, Jessie Louisa (I3045)
62 Agnes May Josephine Dillon (n. Kennedy) was buried on 10 October 1942 at Rookwood Catholic Cemetery and Crematorium, Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia. Her Grave is located in Grave Mortuary 2, Area 16, Grave 2646. Kennedy, Agnes May Josephine (I6499)
63 Agnes May Violet Waller and her still born twins died 04 Mar 1945 and are buried in the Catholic Cemetery Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia and are buried in Section M2, Area 18, Grave 442. Agnes's Daughter Audrey also shares this grave. Ridgway, Agnes May Violet (I11930)
64 Agnes Peart (Remington) is Buried in The Burwood Cemetery, Victoria reg No. 54223, Loctation PD 88, Area PD-D, age 94 Peart, Agnes (I11583)
65 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4724)
66 Alan has been a steward for Qantas Airline and a Travel consultant at various agencies. Alan has travelled extensively, visiting most countries. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) Sulley, Alan Christopher (I3356)
67 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5492)
68 Albert Alexander Butcher was the first child of Gladys Rose Kirkwood and Albert Edward Butcher. He was born on 04 may 1924 in Sydney, New South Wales.
When he was 5 weeks old he got very sick and the doctors told Gladys and Albert he wouldn't make it through the night. He did and grew up to be a tall man, 6ft 5 1/2ins.
He worked for the New South Wales Railroad as a supervisor at the old Darling Harbour Goods Yards. He use to play the oboe and clarinet. He never married. He died of a heart attack after catching the Hong Kong Flu in 1971. 
Butcher, Albert Alexander (I2431)
69 Albert and Violet's divorce was granted in the Supreme Court of New South Wales on 28th January 1943, Registered No. 393.42 Receipt No. 43M558, Dated 19th February 1943, Sydney (these details are stamped on the Marriage Certificate). Family F3831
70 Albert Edward Butcher was the 11th Child of Wilhelm and Wilhelmina Bottcher. He was born on 9 November 1902 at the family home at 8 Campbell St Alexandria, New South Wales. You would have noticed that this is the third variation of the children s surnames. It all stemmed down to the pronunciation of the German Name Bottcher. It is pronounced "Burcher", But in the case of Albert, the midwife's handwriting was very bad and his surname was transcribed as "Butcher".
Albert was 17 months old in 1904 when his mother died and 7 years old when his father remarried. Albert lived with his father and his stepmother Adelaide Foran till he was 15 years old. He then went to live with his sisters Rita and Minnie at Newtown. He was fond of Adelaide and kept in touch with her after his father's death in 1928. He also lived for a short time with his sister Mary, as just about all of his siblings did at one time or another.
Albert's daughter Joyce recalls that her Aunty Rita said Albert was very good looking, tall and blond. He loved swimming, he used to swim at the Domain baths where a friendship was formed with Andrew (boy) Charlton, the Olympic champion. Andrew was younger then my dad, my father became his team mate at the baths and often beat him when he swam against him."
When he was younger, Albert worked for Fowler's Potteries, which was one of the most successful business's of it's kind. The 6.9 hectare site in Fitzroy St Marrickville employed 400 people for over 40 years.
Albert was living at Alexandria when he married Gladys Rose Kirkwood, daughter of Hilda Rose Davis and Alexander Kirkwood on 10 November 1923. It was one day after his 21st Birthday. They were married in St Pauls Church of England, Redfern, New South Wales. It was the same church that Alberts sister Mary was married in 23 years previously, exactly to the day on the 10th November.
After Gladys and Albert were married, he started working with his Father-in-Law Alexander Kirkwood, who was a Master painter. He took Albert under his wing and taught him painting, paper hanging and decorating. Together, they worked on a number of Sydney's theaters, one being the Capital Theater at Haymarket, Sydney, New South Wales.
The depression years were very hard and they often had to go to the country to find work. Albert later got work with Sargents, the pastry cooks, pie/tea room family. He did the painting and decorating in their cafes, and factory. He was with them for many years, until he retired at the age of 69 in 1971, the same year that his son Albert died.
His daughter Joyce recalls "Dad was a quietman, gentle in nature, a Christian. We often had musical evenings in our home, Dad playing the Banjo and mouth organ, mum played the violin and sang. Mum sand soprano, something in the style of Gladys Moncrieff (a well known Australian singer of the 1920s to 1950s). Mum use to have singing lessons with one of her cousins when she was in her teens. My brother Albert played the oboe and the clarinet. We had good times together.
Dad loved to got to the football matches, he was a St George fan. He was a good husband, father and grandfather. He was a member of the Bankstown rifle club and won the Gibson cup in 1928, as well as many other awards over the years. He loved his family very much, his sisters and brothers and his father meant the world to him".
Albert Edward Butcher died on the 12 September 1977, two months before his 74th Birthday. 
Butcher, Albert Edward (I2430)
71 Albert was buried at the Woronora General Cemetery and Crematorium Trust on 17 Nov 1924. His grave is located at Anglican Monumental, Section 2A - 0340 Potts, Albert Ernest William (I9383)
72 Albert was killed in World War I. Butland, Albert Victor (I5589)
73 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1179)
74 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3091)
75 Alexander Frederick Griffiths was buried in the Catholic Section of the Northern Suburbs Cemetery located at the corner of Delhi and Plassey Rds North Road, Now known as the Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium.
Burial Details are as follows:
Surname Griffiths, First Name Alexander other Names Frederick, Type Burial, date of Death 31/12/1961, Interred Date 03/01/1962, Location Vaughan Catholic Lawn, Section Row 12, Position 0086.
Griffiths, Alexander Frederick (I11410)
76 Alexander Kirkwood died 22 July 1954 and was buried at the Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia on 24th July 1954. His grave is located in Area Zone C, Section 09, Grave Number 483. Kirkwood, Alexander (I6534)
77 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3598)
78 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4874)
79 Alfred and Juliana Hutley (nee Wittstock) married 02 mar 1903 at the Residence of Mr A.B. Orth, Cassillis, New South Wales, Australia. Family F3041
80 Alfred was born on the farm. He attended Kybunga school, and Croydon Primary while living with his Uncle Alfred (after whom he was named) and Aunt Jane Clarke. He returned to live at Kybunga to hold his father on the farm. Eventually Alfred lived on a nearby farm "Clarunga" and with careful management built up a productive farming area. At first Alfred had a team of Clydesdale horses but later purchased his first tractor in the 1920s. His first wife Clara was a dressmaker and had a lovely contralto voice. She and her sisters were often in demand to sing at local functions. Her children were only young when she died. He later married Clara Pedler from Blyth.
Alfred was a lay preacher, preaching mostly at the Blyth Methodist Church, and was at one time Superintendent of the Sunday School at this church. He was a good sportsman and played cricket with many local teams, including the Tiller Cricket team, the patrons of this team being William Tiller and John Charles Tucker. Alfred won many trophies for his cricket activities and was a good Australian Rules footballer. He died of a severe stroke. (information obtained from "The Tucker Family in Australia" 1992. 
Clarke, Alfred James (I2549)
81 Alfred was lining at Armadale Rd, Riverdale when he died. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) Clucas, Alfred George (I5563)
82 Alice Bertha Phillips (n.Griffiths)died on 06 Oct 1996 age 81 and is buried at the Palmdale Cemetery, Palmdale, New South Wales, Australia in area - Serenity Lawn, Section S42, Site 15 - inscription reads:

beloved Mother of Winifred, Margaret, Jenny, Grandmother to their children, Loved and Remembered Always. 
Griffiths, Alice Bertha (I11452)
83 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5194)
84 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3579)
85 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5209)
86 Alick died 26 Nov 1987 and was cremated on 27 Nov 1987 at Centennial Park Cemetery, Pasadenia, South Australia, Australia. His ashes were placed in the Derrick Gardens of Remembrance, Tree Bed 38, Position 014, Centennial Park, Cemetery on 5 July 1988. Anderson, Alick (I3585)
87 Alick was educated at the local school. He excelled at sports and won many cups and medals for rowing, cricket and football. He used to ride a push bike from Adelaide to Victor Harbour for a day trip!
He put his age forward 2 years to join the army when he was 16 (World War I) and served in the first 10th Battalion. He was left for dead on the battle field at Ypres but survived. he was invalided to England and when he recovered he returned to the front again. He came home in 1918.
He bought land out at Meningie for sheep and crops. He was burnt out by picnickers and no insurance covered him. He bought a shop in Tailem Bend, South Australia (which he later gave to his sister Clara, her husband and family when they were in difficulties) and catered for social functions.
He joined the railways, gained more education and rejoined the Army in WWII (second 10th Battalion). He was vaccinated with a dirty needle and spent a long spell in hospital, leaving with a duodenal ulcer. He was stationed in the Northern Territory and Queensland, prior to going to Japan.
He used to race greyhounds and was a member of the I.O.O.F Lodge. He was a keen gardener and reader and loved children. He was a football, cricket and horse-racing enthusiast. (The Tucker Family in Australia, 1992) 
Anderson, Alick (I3585)
88 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5601)
89 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5063)
90 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I0078)
91 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3474)
92 Allan was killed in action on 19 April 1917, which was the beginning of the second attempt to capture Gaza and is know as the Second Battle of Gaza. The main attack was from the front supported by six tanks and 2000 gas shells, with the camel corps and imperial mounted division attacking on foot further east and the Anzac Mounted Division (which Allan was with)further to the south east, protecting the inland flank.

The battle went all day and the Turks were well entrenched. At sunset the British attack was broken off . The British suffered some 6000 casualties, with the majority being inflicted on the infantry.

The red cross reports state that The 12th Light Horse were attacking Gaza "Atawieneh Redoubt" at about 8 am 19 April 1917 and Allan was about fifteen yards from Sgt W McCarthy 12th L.H. who states "he was shot about the body, fell and was instantly killed", falling down a well.

Sgt Peacock 12 L.h. Stated "it was on the Alimintur Ridge, Gaza that he was shot by a bullet and died instantly." 
Campbell, Allan Begbie (I11814)
93 Allan went to the Naturi School travelling by horse, and then went to Murray Bridge High School. He was a seaman in the Services 1943 -1951, shifting cargo all around Australia to New Zealand, the Islands in the Pacific and U.S.A.. then, for 20 years he worked for the Mines Dept. water drilling in Adelaide, the Malle, the South East and Tailem Bend, living in a caravan. Before retiring he worked for the South Australian Railways. His hobbies were planting trees on his property, reading and tinkering with engines. He did his own car repairs. (The Tucker family in Australia, 1992) Tucker, Allan James (I3931)
94 Allan's grave was never relocated and his remains were not buried in any Cemetery.

The Jerusalem Memorial, stands within the Jerusalem War cemetery, commemorating 3,300 commonwealth Servicemen who died during the First World War in operations in Egypt or Palestine and who have no known grave.

Allan's name appears on the upper side of Panel 58 of the Jerusalem Memorial,Jerusalem War Cemetery, Israel. 
Campbell, Allan Begbie (I11814)
95 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I6117)
96 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I6117)
97 Alma Rose Neal, 8th child of Stewart and Mary Neal (n. Bottcher) was born on 10th December 1911 at St Peters, New South Wales, Australia. She was a sickly baby and was not expected to live, but survived to marry and have 6 children, 10 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren. She had brown hair with reddish tints, brown eyes and was 1.5m tall. She possibly took after Wilhelmina - her grandmother.
Rose as he was always called, was a great cook, great listener, a wonderful mother, was very attractive and always had a redy smil and a kind word for everyone.
At the age of 18 she worked at the Stedmans Confectionery Company, where she met Phylis Faint (Cecil's sister). When Phylis invited Alma home for dinner, Cecil and his cousin Aubrey, decided they would escort Alma to the tram stop. After a discussion Cecil won, and escorted alma home. So after a short courtship they married at St Peters Church of England on the 25th January 1930.
The early years of their life was very difficult, during the depression Ce4cil was retrenched and they were forced to live with family members.
Then came the war years, alma battled on during the war when Cecil enlisted and left her at home with 4 young children. It was a very harrowing time for everyone and it took it's toll on her.
They overcame their difficulties and went on to own their own home in Mascot and eventually retired to the Centrl Coast after a most eventful life.
Cecil died on the 22 September 1995 and Rose followed him on 29th August 1999.
Rose and Cecil are Remembered by their children as:
"Loving Parents, mum was a great cook and housekeeper and dad was a very hard worker. We might not have had a lot of money, but we had a lot of love and never wanted for anything. We miss them very much." 
Neal, Alma Rose (I6147)
98 Alta May Flack is the second child of Eva May Butcher and William Moore Flack. She was born on 13 Jul 1918 at Granville, New South Wales, Australia.
Alter left home early to work in the city.
In the 1950's she took advantage of her dual nationality, went to the United States, possibly to look for her father or members of his family. She was a very private person and not a good communicator and it is not known if she ever did find them.
She settled there, never married and died in California, USA in 1980. 
Flack, Alta May (I6276)
99 Alvyn Ernest Williams is buried at the Balaklava Private Cemetery, Plot 522, Burial No. BA3043. Williams, Alvyn Ernest (I1355)
100 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2429)

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