Hundred of Koolunga, South Australia, Australia


Notes: To assist with the regulation and administration of land transactions in South Australia [that
is, for cadastral purposes - Ed], counties and hundreds were established. Under the principle
of concentration, new hundreds were usually proclaimed adjoining existing ones. Land could
only be purchased in proclaimed areas, so as the demand for land grew, new hundreds were
declared. Within each hundred the land was surveyed into sections which were then offered
for sale.
The first hundreds were proclaimed in 1846. In 1853 the Hundred of Murray was proclaimed.
The boundaries extended two miles each side of the Murray River and included land around
Lakes Alexandrina and Albert. In 1860 this hundred was annulled and many new hundreds
were proclaimed covering a wider area around the River. The name Murray was re-used for
one of these.
In 1870 four of the previously proclaimed hundreds, Murray, Randell, Cooper and Giles, were
"cancelled and annulled". These areas were later incorporated into other new hundreds. Three
of these names were later re-used; in 1888 Murray in County Robinson, in 1890 Giles in
County Kintore and in 1895 Randell in County York.
The other major change was the re-naming in January 1918 of ten hundreds whose names
had German association (see article: German place names). The Hundreds of North Rhine and
South Rhine became Jellicoe and Jutland. The hundred named for the first director of the
Adelaide Zoo, Richard Moritz Schomburgk, was re-named Maude. Other hundreds, which
originally had been named for members of parliament who happened to be of German
heritage, were given names of British World War I leaders.
Up to the present day, only the south eastern portion of South Australia has been divided into
counties, the area being less than one third of the state.
Counties & Hundreds of South Australia

Latitude: -33.52599816250906, Longitude: 138.29047394217923


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1 Sharp, Martha Ann  12 Aug 1889Hundred of Koolunga, South Australia, Australia I0350
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