Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Latitude: -33.867139, Longitude: 151.207114


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Able, K.L.   I11524
2 Able, K.J.A.   I11525
3 Armson, P.M.   I12231
4 Begg, Robert Elly  15 Aug 1861Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10025
5 Bennett, Eileen Lucille  25 Dec 1950Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I8874
6 Bennett, J.S.   I8881
7 Bigelow, Robert Henry  16 Aug 1919Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10133
8 Boland, P.B.   I11514
9 Bourne, S.L.T.   I11530
10 Brooks, John Alfred  1875Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9382
11 Bryant, G.H.   I43
12 Burcher, D.H.   I6228
13 Burcher, D.F.   I2515
14 Burcher, E.   I6227
15 Burcher, H.R.   I2513
16 Burcher, J.R.   I6222
17 Burcher, M.D.   I6224
18 Burcher, O.G.   I6226
19 Burcher, R.N.   I2514
20 Burns, Henry Thomas  19 Oct 1932Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I12114
21 Burns, K.M.   I12115
22 Burns, L.P.   I12117
23 Burns, N.M.   I12118
24 Burns, S.R.T.   I12116
25 Campbell, Colin William Sydney  26 Jan 1908Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9911
26 Campbell, Edwin Charles  1884Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6518
27 Campbell, Elsie Mary  1882Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9901
28 Campbell, John Duncan  8 Feb 1901Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2213
29 Campbell, William Webb  1861Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6529
30 Cargill, Sydney Daniel  3 Apr 1898Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I12398
31 Chaffer, L.   I4941
32 Charlton, A.A.   I11417
33 Clancy, Charles Alfred  20 Dec 1899Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10976
34 Clarke, B.N.   I8083
35 Clarke, J.J.   I8078
36 Clarke, John  09 Oct 1924Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6116
37 Clarke, P.J.   I8080
38 Clarke, R.J.   I8067
39 Collins, Sarah  1814Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I12012
40 Cooper, Septimus Claude  1867Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9266
41 Cope, Ada M  1877Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9158
42 Cope, George A  1878Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9159
43 Cope, Jane  1881Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9160
44 Cork, Albert Alexander Charles  1913Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10971
45 Cork, Arthur James Andrew  1905Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10967
46 Cork, Eileen Margaret  1898Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10946
47 Cork, Sydney Thomas Thornton  1900Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10951
48 Cork, Sydney Thornton  1880Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10945
49 Cork, William Robert  1902Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10952
50 Crome, A.R.   I12227

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Hemsworth, M.M.   I5533


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 B÷ttcher, Frederick William  26 Jan 1979Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2440
2 Ouvrier, J.H.   I7393
3 Anderson, Dulcie  1969Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6161
4 Ashton, Lindsay Boyce  20 Sep 1998Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9823
5 Brown, Harold Alfred  08 May 1962Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9885
6 Brown, James  24 Apr 1878Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9859
7 Brown, Solomon  15 Dec 1918Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9880
8 Burke, A.L.   I25
9 Burns, Henry Thomas  24 May 2000Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I12114
10 Butcher, Albert Edward  12 Sep 1977Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2430
11 Colls, F.P.   I7400
12 Cooper, Frederick J  1908Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9238
13 Cope, Ada M  1877Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9158
14 Cope, Jane  1883Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9160
15 Cope, Mary  1924Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9168
16 Cork, Harold Osborne  16 Oct 1964Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10963
17 Cork, Sydney Thomas Thornton  1959Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10951
18 Cummins, Bernard Martin  11 Jul 1932Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6157
19 Dillon, Ruby Violet Irene  1 Jul 1915Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I12088
20 Doyle, Isabella Sophie  1887Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9178
21 Gaden, Blanche Alice Ruth  1966Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9346
22 Green, Lorraine  2007Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I8050
23 Griffiths, Abigail Celeste  07 Jul 1971Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6968
24 Griffiths, A.J.   I7337
25 Griffiths, Audree  02 Sep 1999Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6842
26 Griffiths, Doris  1893Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6854
27 Griffiths, Doris Thelma  16 Oct 1959Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6810
28 Griffiths, Eileen  1953Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6817
29 Griffiths, Lenton George  23 May 1904Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11439
30 Griffiths, Mavis Margaret  11 Sep 1993Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6821
31 Griffiths, Percy Alwyn  22 Jan 1954Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6808
32 Griffiths, Robert  1950Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I7078
33 Griffiths, Thomas  05 Oct 1856Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6802
34 Griffiths, Thomas Joseph  07 Nov 1964Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6829
35 Hamilton, Isla Agnes  6 Oct 1967Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11111
36 Hibbert, Bertie Edgar  1946Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I7049
37 Honess, Cecil Kevin  11 Jan 1988Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9221
38 Hurst, J.F.   I8274
39 Isaksen, Nils William  1951Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6286
40 Jackson, Walter John  22 Sep 1931Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11769
41 Kennedy, Bridget  1916Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11842
42 Kennedy, Daniel  1882Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6496
43 Kennedy, Mary C  1887Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6497
44 Kerim, Amy Florence  1969Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11130
45 Kerim, Ruby Constance  1956Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11106
46 Kirkwood, Charles  21 Jan 1858Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I12148
47 Lack, Francis Herbert  1961Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10049
48 Langley, Henry Redvers  1971Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10110
49 Langley, Myee Elizabeth Eleanor  1971Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10048
50 Leeming, Linda Louise  1961Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9455

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Griffiths, A.J.   I7337
2 McRoberts, Robert  21 Oct 1866Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I7972

Coroners Inquest

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Coroners Inquest    Person ID 
1 Heffernan, John Michael  12 Apr 1933Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10920


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremation    Person ID 
1 Campbell, Elsie Mary  19 Oct 1972Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9901

Criminal Conviction

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Criminal Conviction    Person ID 
1 Potts, Matilda Griffiths  1 Feb 1909Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I12175

Helicopter Surf Rescue

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Helicopter Surf Rescue    Person ID 
1 Tucker, J.R.   I0001


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Beston, C.   I6495
2 Cooper, Theophilus  18 Feb 1833Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9237
3 Dettmer, William  1849Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10691
4 Kennedy, Bridget  11 Jan 1855Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11842
5 Kennedy, Daniel  11Jan 1855Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6481
6 O'Connor, Johanna  11 Jan 1855Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6482
7 Wall, Catherine  4 May 1879Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11939
8 Wall, Edward  4 May 1879Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11944
9 Wall, James  4 May 1879Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11942
10 Wall, John  4 May 1879Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11937
11 Wall, Michael  4 May 1879Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11938
12 Wall, P.   I6494
13 Wall, Patrick  4 May 1879Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11940
14 Wall, Peter  4 May 1879Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11941
15 Wall, Thomas  4 May 1879Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11943
16 Wall, William  4 May 1879Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11945

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Burcher, John Humphrey  21 Apr 1941Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2508


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 B÷ttcher, Hans Fredrick Carl  23 Aug 1907Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2436


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 Griffiths, Sydney Pyrmont  2 Apr 1906Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11378
2 Walters, John Joseph  8 Aug 1935Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10790


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Cork, Albert Alexander Charles  1935Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10971
2 Cork, Arthur James Andrew  1935Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10967
3 Cork, Harold Osborne  1935Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10963
4 Cork, Sydney Thomas Thornton  1935Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10951
5 Cork, Sydney Thornton  1935Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10945
6 Cork, William Robert  1935Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10952
7 Jackson, Frederick John Dettmer  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10726
8 Jackson, Jeremiah Solomon Dodds  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10720
9 Wall, Catherine  4 May 1879Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11939
10 Wall, John  4 May 1879Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11937
11 Wall, Michael  4 May 1879Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11938
12 Wall, P.   I6494
13 Wall, Patrick  4 May 1879Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11940
14 Wall, Peter  4 May 1879Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I11941
15 Ward, John James  1 Oct 1832Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I12011


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Bull, William  25 May 1942Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I12256
2 Eglinton, Vanda Marjorie  27 Nov 1973Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2230
3 Kennedy, Daniel  Jun 1893Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6481

St Vincent de Paul Society

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    St Vincent de Paul Society    Person ID 
1 Walters, John Joseph  26 Jul 1935Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I10790

War Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    War Service    Person ID 
1 Campbell, Arthur Peter Eglinton  6 Jan 1941Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2232
2 Cooper, Gordon Colin  27 Aug 1914Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9256
3 Potts, Harold William  14 Jun 1943Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I0134


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Potts   F3396
2 Ahearn / Campbell   F2305
3 Ashton / Kerney  15 Apr 1914Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3064
4 Avery / Potts  1916Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3395
5 Barry / Cargill   F3483
6 Begg /    F2848
7 Begg / Brown  1884Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3161
8 Boa / Pitt   F3281
9 Bramley / Morgan   F3101
10 Brooks / Potts   F2956
11 Brown / Merrick  1930Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3130
12 Brown / O'neil  1877Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3107
13 Bull / Dennis   F3880
14 Burtenshaw / Browne   F2400
15 Butler / Browne   F2403
16 Campbell / Stephens   F3404
17 Caylee / Gregory  1885Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3380
18 Chapman / Hoets   F2943
19 Clancy / Kirkwood  1900Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3460
20 Cluff / Milton   F3263
21 Cope / Mitchell  1875Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F2870
22 Cope / Turner   F2871
23 Cork / Canham   F3453
24 Cork / Kerr  1934Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3457
25 Cork / Lewis   F3459
26 Cork / Menchin   F3458
27 Cork / Toms  1924Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3451
28 Cronin / Griffiths   F2119
29 Cummins / Potts  1923Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3675
30 Davis / Fleeton  1883Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F2024
31 de Vere / Parnell   F3305
32 Dillon / Love  1922Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3859
33 Dorey / Potts  1915Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3397
34 Douglas / Plummer   F2637
35 Dowlman / Callaway  20 Dec 1962Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F2413
36 Eatch / Hackworthy  1904Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F0023
37 Feeney / Doohan   F3469
38 Gaden / Parnell  1863Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F2940
39 Gall / Begg  1915Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3165
40 Gleeson / Wall   F3844
41 Griffiths / Carter  1888Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F2107
42 Griffiths / Cribb  1907Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F2228
43 Griffiths / Perry  1894Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F2174
44 Hall / Potts   F3399
45 Hamilton / Mullins  1940Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3514
46 Harradine / McCulloch  1911Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F2829
47 Harris / Parnell  1917Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F2934
48 Harris / Potts  1903Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3274
49 Hoets / Gaden  1913Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F2942
50 Holman / Chaffer   F1518

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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Burke / Cheek   F8
2 Jackson / Rowan  1906Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3386
3 Kirkwood / Kenyon  28 Jan 1943Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3831
4 Maher / Kerney  5 Jul 1948Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3197
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