Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia


Latitude: -33.480068, Longitude: 150.157987


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, J.A.   I11314
2 Baker, R.M.   I11315
3 Cambourne, T.W.   I11316
4 Connor, Muriel Laverne  1889Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I11955
5 Evans, Hannah  1894Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I11277
6 Foley, Regina Margaret  1895Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I9547
7 Gieseke, A.J.   I9193
8 Gieseke, D.G.   I9210
9 Hodder, Olive  1904Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I0139
10 Lymer, Alice M.  14 Jun 1880Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I7346
11 Lymer, Emily B  1893Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I7351
12 Lymer, Ethel M  1887Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I7344
13 Lymer, Grace C  1891Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I7348
14 Lymer, William H  1895Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I7352
15 Sandell, Stanley A  1905Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I7363
16 Taylor, Athol W  1895Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I7360


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Agnew, Harry John  10 Jul 2001Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I10127
2 Campbell, Alfred Robert  12 Sep 1936Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I7371
3 Campbell, Catherine Mary  23 Mar 1935Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I7361
4 Eather, Mary J  28 Au 1902Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I7339
5 Foley, Regina Margaret  23 Feb 1960Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I9547
6 Goodman, Maud Janet  12 Feb 1973Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I11240
7 Kerney, Ada Louisa  Dec 1993Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I10128
8 Morrissey, Fanny  1 Aug 1961Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I11287
9 Potts, Mildred Agnes  20 Aug 2004Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I11303
10 Potts, Nora Laura  1936Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I6404
11 Potts, Percival Maurice  9 May 2002Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I11300
12 Potts, Reginald Warren  28 Apr1962Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I11234
13 Potts, Robert  21 Jul 1958Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I6409
14 Potts, Rosanna  5 Jun 1993Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia I10358


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Baker / Potts   F3573
2 Bigelow / Watterson   F3201
3 Blanchard / Ashton   F3065
4 Cambourne / Baker   F3574
5 Carlon / Perry  1921Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia F2459
6 Griffiths / Cambourne  1947Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia F2114
7 Maher / Kerney  1941Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia F3197
8 Parker / Perry   F2461
9 Perry / Lindop   F3268
10 Thorley / Foley  1919Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia F3009
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