Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia


Latitude: -33.889533, Longitude: 151.125862


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Begg, Bertha E  1894Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I10033
2 Begg, D.A.   I10040
3 Bisby, Rita Maud  1902Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I9628
4 Brown, Douglas James  12 Jan 1897Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I9971
5 Brown, E.   I9887
6 Brown, Wallace Gladstone M  1890Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I9879
7 Brown, Walter Graham Fairfax  11 Apr 1899Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I10022
8 Browne, E.P.   I7716
9 Bull, Heather D  1915Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I12263
10 Bull, M.J.   I12264
11 Bull, Norman Gordon  1913Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I12262
12 Campbell, Alfred Branch  18 Jun 1853Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I10687
13 Langley, James William Irving  1895Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I10050
14 Langley, Myee Elizabeth Eleanor  1893Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I10048
15 Miller, Merle A  1912Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I9940
16 Parnell, Mary A. E.  1891Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I9061
17 Phillips, G.R.   I11453


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bard, Lindsay Charles  7 Mar 2000Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I11857
2 Brown, Albert Victor  19 Sep 1939Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I10043
3 Brown, Elizabeth Florence  31 Aug 1922Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I10045
4 Campbell, Elizabeth  21 May 1937Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I10688
5 Clark, Marion Jane  1890Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I9357
6 Griffiths, Percival Austin  29 Dec 1949Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I7110
7 Hall, C.E.A.   I7111
8 Johnson, C.G.   I7064
9 Parnell, Clarissa Anne  1928Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I9151
10 Parnell, Edith Blanche  1941Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I9153
11 Parnell, Emma  1940Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I9113
12 Parnell, Ida  1891Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I9317
13 Parnell, Mary A. E.  1891Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I9061
14 Parnell, Neredah G.  1891Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I9107
15 Ridgway, Gloria D S  3 Oct 1924Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I12109
16 Shepherd, Elizabeth Isabelle  1962Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I9936
17 Stewart, Percy John Burrows  29 Nov 1975Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I9942
18 Storey, Francis Stewart  20 Feb 1953Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia I9131


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Abbott / Storey   F2859
2 Baker / McRoberts   F3418
3 Brown / Grant   F3116
4 Faircloth / Miller   F3133
5 James / Hutley  1912Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia F3057
6 Johnson / Honeybrook   F2200
7 Langley / Brown  1891Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia F3168
8 Langley / Shaw   F3190
9 Notley / Stewart   F3666
10 Plucknett / Potts  1913Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia F2947
11 Potts / Thomas   F3276
12 Sommers / Taylor  1924Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia F2151
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